The Chiaphua Group, founded three generations ago by Mr. Cheng Chik Chi and his three younger brothers, is currently one of the largest privately-held industrial groups of companies based in Hong Kong with considerable international stature. The original company was a metal stamping factory founded in 1922 in Swatow, Guangdong, China as the Chiap Hua Manufactory. In 1937, a branch factory was set up in Hong Kong manufacturing metal ware, webbing equipment, military supplies and cutlery. The factory ceased operation during the occupation of Hong Kong during World War II, but in 1947 a new company was incorporated to undertake ship-breaking and deep sea salvage operations for the Hong Kong Government. The activities of the Group then extended to steel, brass and aluminum rolling and aluminum and brass extrusion. The steel rolling has since relocated to Thailand while the aluminum and brass rolling remains in operation in Hong Kong today. The Chiaphua Group also branched out into other types of manufacturing activities over the years and has now evolved into a well-connected network of companies involved in a diversified range of manufacturing industries and trading and investment concerns.

Among its many activities today, the Group is a leading manufacturer in the fields of electrical and
household appliances, healthcare products, telecommunications equipment, electric motors, cordless power tools and quality cookware products. It is also a leading producer of brass strips and sheets in Hong Kong.

The Cheng family is still at the center of the Group’s activities today, maintaining ownership in all its major companies. In the years to come, the focus of the Group will be on consolidation of the Chiaphua reputation, with greater expansion both locally and internationally. New products are being developed, new factories established, new markets opened and refinements to existing operations implemented.


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